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Hidden FAQs

  • Why am I here?
    To get rich and go on vacation forever, duh... JK You are here because you notice the small details. We hope that you find value in this Q&A and enjoy your journey building with us. Our team has innovated by designing the first trait choosing NFT builder in the space. We need people like you to help us get the word out!
  • So there will never be a discord?
    The question of discord's actual existence is debatable due to context and insights revealed through quantum physics, but there will not be one that we create for Bird Builders so no. We don't want to take away from the Moonbirds community, but if our community decides to create a server for the project we would certainly take part. We're not necessarily saying the community should do that, but we're also not saying NOT to do it.
  • Is Bird Builders in it for the long run?
    Yes. We plan to continue creating and innovating in the space for years to come. We have an awesome team that can do anything we put our minds to!
  • What's up with the gamified mint?
    Our vision was to gamify the mint and add some plot twists, get some anons worked up and just really make it more fun and entertaining for everyone. Our builder is designed to make it easy to mint. For example, it will automatically load the next available bird for quick minting, but you can input any token number in the Moonbirds collection and build on it if it is available. The builder will let you know if a bird is unavailable. One simple minting strategy is to make a list of the birds you like, follow our twitter, turn notifications on and give us lots of love to make sure you get in on the early access to our builder. It will be interesting to see what other strategies emerge as people scramble for the rare or more coveted well known birds, like Kevin's. We are excited to see the clever ways people approach our mint and how crazy it gets as we mint out. Good luck! 🍀
  • Is there a mint allowlist or insiders that will have a leg up on everyone?
    No, we would like it to be fair. Isn't that cool? Even the team members who don't own a Moonbirds NFT will have to wait for the public minting to open.
  • Will some people gain access to the builder before mint?
    Yes... The builder is awesome. We are addicted to it and are incredibly excited to let the public play with it. We will be opening it to a limited number of followers as we grow so stay glued to our Twitter and help us get the word out by liking, sharing and retweeting! We will be watching and love is the key to our hearts and early access to the builder. 😉
  • What if my questions haven't been answered here?
    Ask us on Twitter 🦉
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