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What we do
Bird Builders

A full bird expansion project featuring our one of a kind NFT builder!

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Bird Builders is more
than just a derivative

Designed to function as an expansion of the legendary Moonbirds project, we took great care to match the original aesthetic of the Moonbirds art and gamified the mint to make it fun. Get ready for 10,000 full birds!

These NFTs will be custom designed one at a time by all of you so no bots or mass buys. This

is a completely fair mint. Even the Bird Builders team members must wait their turn like everyone else.



It's Gamified

Due to the incredible support we have received from the NFT space as a whole we have decided to open our mint to everyone at the same time!

This will certainly intensify the gamification of our mint as everyone can expand on any Moonbirds NFT's that have not been expanded upon once our mint launches.

Remember, each Moonbirds NFT can only be expanded on once, so do your research now and find the bird or birds you would like to expand. Our Megaspace Mint Party starts at 10am PST on 8/29/23 and it's going to be a blast (mint at 11am).


We made sure to create a wide range of beautiful new traits for you to choose from. Even the last minters will have a many trait options, but our collection does have several very rare and legendary traits that early birds will likely snatch up.

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Our Bird Builder

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We designed a one of a kind bird builder so you can experiment with different traits and co-create and mint your full bird in 3 easy steps.

1. Enter the number of the Moonbirds NFT you wish to build in the token ID space and hit return.


2. Choose from our new traits to personalize your bird.


3. Hit the Mint button, connect your wallet and mint your full bird.


Our original traits have rarities so it's best to mint as early as possible to have the most trait options! 

Check out our custom bird builder here!  Test Builder

So how Much?

.0175 ETH for everyone!

Our price point is designed to be affordable and inclusive for the whole community. 


Follow our Twitter page and turn on notifications to stay updated!  BB-Twitter

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Kevin Rose had a vision for granting the CC0 license...

In a brilliant and controversial move, the Proof Collective founder granted the NFT community a CC0 license for the Moonbirds collection. This has allowed us to take part and expand on one of our favorite NFT projects. Thank you to Kevin and the

Moonbirds team!


We hope that our work brings joy and value to the NFT space, enriches the Moonbirds community, and inspires those who are not able to afford a Moonbirds NFT to get involved.

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The Bird Builders Ethos...

Now that you have a general idea of what we’re about, we’d like to share some insight into our story and the goals we have for the Bird Builders project.


This project was not strategically planned – it was born in a moment of synchronicty and inspiration. Once the initial excitement settled, we had a long conversation about whether it was a good idea, whether it would add value to the space, and whether this would be something that people would want. The answer to all these questions was a resounding “YES!” In fact, we all said that we would buy as many as we could if this was something already on the market, so we immediately got to work.

As we moved forward, we encountered various challenges in bringing our vision to fruition. We needed to create artwork and a website that honored and preserved the art, branding and atmosphere of the original Moonbirds project while adding our own creative ideas and nuances to generate the finished product.

Since our primary goal has always been to contribute value to the original Moonbirds project, we made the decision early on that we would not set up a Bird Builders discord server. We wish to join, support and expand the existing community rather than create a new one. It is our hope that the original Moonbirds holders will see the value in our project and welcome us all into their community.


Finally, we’d like to express our gratitude for your interest in our project. We hope you are as excited to build your bird as we are to present our concept to the NFT space!

PS: After mint we are also CC0...

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